dinsdag 14 juni 2011


This week Statement Art Design Fashion went to a fantastic little market where we discovered some beautiful things being made by very creative people. We will show some of the fantastic pieces that were on show. The first one we would like to introduce is Mariëlle van der Gouw. Mariëlle had won a price in the My Creative Germany competition this january. Winning this competition she got a Volkswagen van that had her own design featured on it.

Mariëlle van der Gouw excells in using recycled materials in her designs. Her designs are handmade, smart and fun to wear. A special bit of attention should go to her teaspoons that she bends into rings.

She sells them for a soft price. It is possible to adjust them in size and it is possible to bring you own special teaspoon and she will bend it for you into a ring. So bring your grandmothers teaspoon to Mariëlle and she will give you a fina piece of jewellery.

Another fun piece of jewellery made out of recycled materials is this bracelet.

Originated from Holland, Statement Art Design Fashion loves to bike as you might know. Mariëlle has found the way to create a nice bracelet from an old bike tire. This piece of jewellery makes every outfit feminine as well as tough. We love the pieces she creates. Check out her website for more ingenious and recycled designs.

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